"Suddenly he WAS Elvis...."

This is my free column for the week. If you like it, please consider becoming a subscriber. We cover all sorts of ground here, and would love to have ya…. “I ain’t here on business / I’m only here for fun” —Bruce Springsteen “Rosalita” You know things are bad when everybody gets pissed at Bruce Springsteen. Bruce is supposed to be the incorrigible good guy......the ragged jeans and boot-wearing embodiment of our better angels. A modern day Woody Guthrie who would never forsake us working stiffs, even if he does live on a mammoth horse farm and takes vacations with Spielberg and Tom Hanks on David Geffen's yacht (Tell me if you were invited you wouldn't go!) Hey, at least said horse farm is still a few miles from where he was born. He's a Jersey boy made good who still lives in Jersey. He's frequently spotted around town, doing what normal people do. Having a beer. Grabbing a hot dog or an ice cream cone. He's always got time for a quick chat. A selfie. An autograph. He's one of the most famous men in the world, living in a place that is constantly on the lookout, just in case. He once said these meetings sometimes made him feel like the easter bunny. It can't be easy. But he's conducted himself better than most. What he has, he deserves.

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