the "sudden doom effect"

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This delta variant is gonna crack this nation like an egg. The years of unrelenting dumbness has reached critical mass, and with the anti-vaxx/mask crowd screeching like Irish banshees at every opportunity, it's dead simple to know who is lighting the wildfires. This week they were lined up protesting vaccinations and mask mandates outside a hospital that had run out of ICU beds due to COVID-19.....the sort of sociopathic, narcissistic evil that makes me think we should immediately switch places with the monkey. This common-sense tug-of-war has been going on for almost 2 years now. Even armed with what we need to end this pandemic, they choose death over admitting they and their YouTube research was wrong. It ain't easy fighting a doomed enemy willing to die. Just ask the Marines at Iwo Jima.

Mentally we're ALL suffering now. It's impossible to navigate this landscape and come out unscathed. An Atlanta psychiatrist has even given it a name. The "sudden doom effect". With the vaccines came relief. Cases plummeted as the non-stupids made like Carrie Ann in the film Poltergeist and ran for the light. The end of the tunnel had been reached. And then we emerged into that light to find yet another tunnel dead ahead, like the Titanic's iceberg. Completely unexpected. And all that fear and anxiety and dread returned in what seemed like an instant. The ICUs don't have enough life boats. And all the while the governors of Florida and Texas have been screaming "full speed ahead" as the hull is ripped to shreds, apparently unaware that history was not very kind to men like J. Bruce Ismay. If there is a hell, I hope Ron Desantis and Greg Abbot find themselves there and have a "Spinal Tap" moment on a loop where they can't find their way to the stage door to get out.

Desantis is a particularly monstrous ghoul who is now threatening to withhold the salaries of school officials who force Florida school children to wear masks, the kind of villainy normally built into bad B movies from the small minds of hack screenwriters. Abbot is holding sway over a state the recently had to airlift an 11 month old Covid patient somewhere else because all the ICU beds were filled. Both of these men are republican heroes, willing to murder children in order to keep the goobers fired up, and to prevent Donald Trump from turning on them and giving them savage nicknames that would instantly exile them to the same lonely bar where Jeb Bush drinks. It ain't easy being Presidential timber in today's Republican party. It takes a special sort of talent…..and the ability to not simply swallow your pride, but to eat it again when it gets puked up.

And so much for all that. I was raised differently I guess. This sort of comic book evil is hard to process. It's like millions of Heath Ledger's Jokers strutting around after watching Tucker Carlson while swilling Miller Lite 12-packs. It's like a large Mister Pillow circle-jerk.

Men like these are what makes space exploration so tempting.


Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny. I think Abraham Lincoln said that but maybe not. One tends to lose a sense of humor amongst 600,000+ corpses. When rationality doesn't work, what then? Rage seems the last rung on the ladder, and what usually comes from one side is now coming back from the other. We are out of fucks to give. If your reluctance to get vaccinated only ebbs right before you're about to be intubated, you probably have been watching the wrong YouTube videos. Nobody wants you to die. But we especially don't want you to kill others. Libtards are weird this way.

There is still no vaccine for kids 12 and under. So they have one layer of protection. Adults.

Which should fucking terrify you.


This thing is spreading faster than it ever has. It's more contagious than it's ever been. There's no telling when another strain may break loose, and this time be resistant to the current vaccines. It could trigger a catastrophe that makes 1918 look like a brief outbreak of Presidential bone spurs.

If kids start to die, another round of shutdowns is imminent. Our nation is being attacked from within, and it's time for those who swore to protect and serve the United States to know....protect and serve. It's time for brownshirts like Desantis and Abbot to be tossed onto the ash-heap of history.

Give ‘em some Mike Lindell pillows to rest their heads on. They deserve that at least.

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