The Bookmobile

In my grade school we had a small library that had the same books in it for all 8 years I was there. It was like the selection at Shawshank prison before Andy Dufresne starting writing all the letters to the state. I probably read every single volume in there.....and the good ones I'd read over and over again. We had scheduled library time, once a week, so I always felt obligated to take something out. I'd fill out the little card on the inside cover, date stamped by the sweet, tiny library nun with her rotating date stamper and ink-blue fingers, and see my signature multiple times on the frayed card. I'd rather read something again than not read anything at all. That much hasn't changed. When our basement flooded last year I lost books but sorta dried them off and pretended they weren't all moldy and disgusting and justified it by saying "what if I want to re-read the chapters that aren't moldy and disgusting?" I never want to engage with someone who throws away books. Too many open-ended questions.

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