Democratic mine fire

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You have to take Donald Trump seriously. He was the President once, and stands a decent chance of becoming President again.

He's a clear and present danger for sure. He's a racist and a budding fascist who despises Democratic regimes and creepily adores the strongmen of brutal dictatorships. If Putin put a bowl of milk in the corner Trump would meow and get on all fours to lap it up. Nearly half of US voters don't mind any of this at all. He once tried to overthrow the elected government of the United States on live television. His supporters didn't mind this either. He's never had to face any real consequences for his actions, in itself proof that the founding fathers were not infallible. They never considered the consequences of an entire political party rolling over to get a belly rub at the same time, for instance. Even Nixon in his cups and ravaged by sociopathic meanness, a man the writer Hunter Thompson once compared to Grendel from Beowulf, never secured the lock-step devotion of his party the way Trump has. Came close, mind you. But still. When you make Barry Goldwater feel shame, that’s bad.

Current Republicans would make Barry Goldwater feel shame. And Barry, a man slightly to the right of Attila the Hun, who made Ronald Reagan look like ANTIFA. That’s really bad.

Recall. Mike Pence was Trump’s Vice President. On January 6, Trump exhorted his followers to storm the United States Capitol, where they chanted “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” One even brought a make-shift noose to move things along.

They wanted to murder the Vice President on behalf of their Dear Leader. Trump did nothing to stop them.

Was the Vice President upset that his former boss tried to kill him? To the contrary. Just last week Pence went on TV to verbally lick Trump’s balls. It was one of the most unseemly things in modern political history. And exactly zero people were surprised because ‘Murica!

That being said, despite everything, it's still not easy to take Trump seriously. He's such a monumental, cartoonish buffoon. America's worst qualities all rolled up into a single obese, comically spray-tanned man with what looks like a dead ferret on his head. He once refused to speak at a Veterans commemoration because he was afraid the ferret would get wet. He's a perpetual grievance machine, built out of the spare parts of every scared little bully who tried to overcome a small dick by purchasing a large truck. One of the most mind-bending aspects of the cultish devotion of his flock is how they consider him some sort of monument to red white and blue manliness. This man who lies, cheats, brags, refuses to accept any responsibility, is especially intimidated by strong women, and constantly disparages anybody who disagrees with him.....all of which is seemingly anti-matter to strong, silent types of Hollywood lore. These are the John Wayne-ian tough guys that Trump supporters like to think they are, and here they are in complete thrall to a man who acts like a little boy.

He once bragged that he would have taken on a school shooter himself. Unarmed. Brave men do not tell you how brave they are.

In short, he's a bully. And real men despise bullies. Or at least, they used to.

Here's a guy who shits in a golden toilet and stiffs his own workers. He mocks those in the military who have paid the ultimate sacrifice (“I don’t get it? What was in it for them?”) while nursing his own deferment-inducing bone spurs. He fucked (and then paid off) a porn star while his wife was home with a new baby. He's been credibly accused by over 20 women of sexual assault, which he subsequently bragged about in front of a live mic ("grab 'em by the pussy....") This is hardly action-hero type stuff, and yet he gets a free pass. And he especially gets a free pass from Evangelicals, a group you might expect would get at least as riled up about a married man with a new baby fucking a porn star as they did about a married man getting a blow job from an intern. But you would be wrong. The latter was the mark of the beast. The former was "locker room" stuff. The hypocrisy is stunning, but somehow entirely predictable. Such is the God business in the US these days.

Donald Trump was in Iowa this weekend, and after being introduced by a shamelessly sycophantic Senator Chuck Grassley, blathered absolute gibberish to an adoring crowd of thousands for a mind-numbing 90+ minutes. It was an absolute smorgasbord of grade school playground rhetoric and blatant lies (at one point he said democrats were guilty of infantacide, a word he surely can't pronounce, so he verbalized it as "ripping babies from the Mother's womb at the moment of birth" instead). About one third of the speech was a constant whine about the election being stolen from him, and he beamed like a schoolboy being jacked off by the head cheerleader when the crowd chanted "Trump won! Trump won!" over and over again. It was ghastly and Nuremburg-ish for sure, but so predictable that everybody just kinda shrugged. Fascist rallies don't garner the attention they used to, Bubba. Especially when they are only shown live on C-Span….and take place at the same time Alabama is being beaten by Texas A & M.

Everybody knows what's in store, right?

He's gonna run again in 2024. And whatever happens he'll simply come out and announce that he won. There does not appear to be anything or anyone in place to stop him. Not his own party. Not the Democrats, who as usual are too busy kicking each other in the balls to actually get anything done. The military. Cops. Large swaths of corporate controlled media. The now hyper-partisan Supreme Court. They all support Trump by a wide margin. The only ones who don't are the actual majority of voters, but such is our jacked-up and jerked-off electoral college that even that matters less and less as republicans gerrymander the shit out of areas that might contain too many un-whites. From here on in, when Republicans win, it's the will of the people. When they lose, it was rigged.

Hell, during the recent California recall election, the Republican candidate jumped the gun and posted on his website that the vote was rigged BEFORE THE POLLS OPENED.

It’s not subtle folks.

It’s like a Reichstag fire with those trick birthday cake candles that you can’t blow out.

For so long we've been saying "it can't happen here" while blissfully ignoring the fact that it's in the process of happening right now. It's a slow burn.....about 40 years worth. Like an underground mine fire. But we've reached a point where the carbon monoxide detectors are going off.

In a bit..